Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right cat litter isn’t always a simple matter. Below we’ve compiled some of your most commonly asked questions to help ensure you make the right decision, every time.

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A: Fresh & Light is a low dust premium clumping litter that’s up to 50% lighter* than other scoopable clay cat litters, while providing the same number of uses.*  This means it’s easier to lift, carry and pour. Fresh & Light also provides outstanding performance by absorbing tough odors on contact and forming hard clumps for easy scooping.  It’s better for the environment, too – because it weighs less than other clay litters, more packages fit in a truckload and fewer trucks are needed to ship it, so less fuel gets used.

*Based on laboratory testing, as compared to a leading scoopable clay litter.  Results may vary based on individual litter changing habits.

A: Cat’s Pride Scoopable does not clump as hard as other sodium bentonite litters. This is because it’s designed to disperse in water so it will flush and not clog toilet pipes. It also has excellent deodorizing abilities and is designed primarily for single-cat households.

Cat’s Pride Complete Scoop clumps very hard and is designed for multiple-cat households. It eliminates odors three times longer than the leading national brand.*

Cat’s Pride Natural Scoop is designed for allergic or sensitive cats and households. It contains no perfumes, dyes or chemicals. It clumps hard, has low dust, and provides 100% natural odor elimination so it’s safe and gentle for your cats.

*Based on laboratory testing vs. the leading national scoopable clay litter, according to IRI data, when used as directed.

A: Fresh & Light is made from light density clay so it is lighter in weight than the same volume of other heavier litters.  While litter is sold by volume (pounds), it is used by volume (cubic inches).  You fill a litter box to a 3” depth and don’t weigh in several pounds of litter. You get the same amount of litter as other scoopable litters, but without all the heavy lifting.

A: The additives we use are proprietary, but we only use fragrances and ingredients that pass a safety review by our scientists.  We also provide litters with only natural ingredients.

A: You can find Cat’s Pride products at Walmart and many other retailers across America. Cat’s Pride products can also be purchased online at and

Please use our store locator to find a store near you.

A: Go to the Offers tab or call our consumer hotline at 1-800-645-3741 to find out how to get coupons.

A: Our products have been reviewed for safety by our scientists when used as intended as a cat litter and have not been evaluated for other pet uses.  Please contact your vet for a recommendation for other pets.

A: We applaud the great work being done by so many shelters and work with many of them.  Please call 1-800-645-3741 for more information.

A: While we can’t make donations to all worthy organizations, small shelters and not-for-profits can contact us and we may be able to provide coupons or samples on a case-by-case basis.

A: Some cats and some people may be bothered by even small amounts of dust, although we have found that cats are used to dust more than they are to strong fragrances used by some litter makers.  If this is the case, an unscented natural/original litter may be better for you or for your cat.  Some dust is inherent to the clay mineral, and we use many methods of dust removal at our manufacturing facilities to provide products with as low dust as possible.

A: Both products are made from fuller’s earth clay (obtained about 30–40 feet under topsoil) and contain similar ingredients. Cat’s Pride is a national brand, while Jonny Cat is sold primarily in the Western states.

A: Presently, we do not offer a direct bulk order/shipment program to consumers although we do offer through Amazon and Please use our store locator for where to buy our products.

A: Cat’s Pride is proud to be the only cat litter recommended by the American Humane Association (AHA). Cat’s Pride products deliver safe and effective odor control without harmful chemicals or overpowering fragrances and without the use of captive live animal testing. Like us, the AHA is committed to the well-being of cats and pets across America.

A: Our Cat’s Pride Premium Scoopable litter is the only national scooping clay litter without sodium bentonite, which can clog your pipes. It has passed through rigorous testing for flushability* in non-septic systems so you can make cleanup easy by flushing.

*It has been determined through laboratory testing that Cat’s Pride Scoopable Premium cat litter is flushable through residential plumbing systems designed and maintained in accordance with plumbing codes. Disposal of Cat’s Pride Scoopable Premium cat litter through septic tank systems has not been evaluated and is not recommended. To ensure flushability, do not flush more than two clumps at a time and always remove clumps from litter box daily. Local regulations on flushing vary. Please review and comply with them.

A: It’s really a matter of personal preference for you and your cat as different types of litters offer different benefits. To learn more about the types of cat litter available, visit Cat Matters and use our Product Selector tool to find one that’s right for you and your cat.

A: Dogs become attracted to the protein in the cat’s waste product.  Please encourage the dog or child to simply eat and drink normally to pass the litter.  Used cat litter potentially contains some bacteria and parasites;  therefore, we recommend you contact your doctor or your local poison control center for assistance.

A: Scoopable, clumping cat litters can be made using a variety of different clumping agents that help the litter form clumps.  Also, they can contain sodium bentonite, a clay that naturally swells and clumps together when wet.

A: We would recommend Cat’s Pride Complete Multi-Cat Clay or Cat’s Pride Complete Multi-Cat Scoop litter. Both feature three odor-controlling ingredients. Please use our Product Selector tool to find the right one for you and your cat.

A: Clay litters have been used for over 70 years and are the most natural choice for a cat. We have an extensive land reclamation program where we restore all our cat litter mines to their natural habitat.

A: Some clay litter products contain sodium bentonite, a natural clay material that forms clumps when exposed to liquid.  Sodium bentonite is also sold for use in animal feeds.  Any suggestion that sodium bentonite will cause harm or fluid retention in cats is simply not accurate and has never been documented in the veterinary scientific community.  In fact, numerous consultations, interviews, and tests by many vets have found no evidence relating normal use of a clumping/sodium bentonite litter with the sickness or death of any kitten or cat. For additional information visit

A: Bags of cat litter provide weight in the trunk of your car to improve traction. However, because certain litters gets soft when wet, it can be slippery. We would recommend Oil-Drigranular absorbents instead of cat litter for spilled oil or traction under tires in the snow as these products have a greater capacity to function in icy conditions. To learn more about Oil-Dri granular absorbents, visit

A: We recommend changing the litter box (starting with fresh litter) every 7 days if you are using non-clumping clay litter. If you are using scoopable or clumping litter, we recommend changing the entire litter box once a month – be sure to remove the clumps daily and add a little fresh litter every day to maintain a three-inch level.

A: We recommend using mild soap and warm water to clean surfaces. We do not recommend any cleansers or specific cleanup products because potential chemical reactions are possible with ammonia created by cat urine.

A: We caution against composting or disposing of used litter in a yard or garden because of a possible bacteria found in cat’s waste which may be harmful to humans and other animals. The bacteria in the used litter can cause an illness known as toxoplasmosis that can be particularly harmful to pregnant women or infants if touched or handled. We also discourage disposing clean, unused litter in a garden or field as some litter products contain additives and perfumes.

A:  Our plastic jugs and pails have been designed and tested to package and store cat litter only.  We have not tested and cannot recommend our packages for other purposes or uses.  Additionally, in some states, we purchase jugs and pails made from recycled post-consumer materials and these containers have not been manufactured for use with food or water.

A: Have you changed your litter type? If so, we recommend slowly mixing in the old litter with the new one that you just purchased. Cats are finicky and get used to one smell so a change can throw them off. Is it a clean, fresh litter box? If not, we recommend that you completely empty the litter box, clean it with soap and water, and fill it with fresh litter. Have there been any major disruptions in the cat household? This can cause stress and rejection. If the cat continues to reject the litter box, we recommend contacting your vet to make sure there is nothing else going on.

A) The litter box may have a urine/waste odor because the tray needs to be cleaned more often.

B) Your cat may not be used to the new scent or new texture and may/may not adapt in a few days.

C) Your cat may be confused by change in litter box location.

D) Your cat may not be feeling well, so please contact your vet.

A: It’s best to first contact your vet for a medical review or exam. These symptoms are usually due to some previous condition or illness. The cat may scratch itself for various reasons—including stress, confusion or sickness. It is possible, of course, that a cat may be allergic to some additive in a litter product, just as some people are allergic to fragrances or peanut butter, a normally safe food. For sensitive cats, we recommend our traditional unscented clay litter.

A: We guarantee your total satisfaction with our products. If you are unsatisfied for any reason in the first 30 days of use, please return the sales receipt along with the label proof of purchase symbol, for a full refund.  We would also like to know of any product issues, so please call us at 1-800-645-3741, visit our contact us page or write to us at Cat’s Pride Consumer Relations, P.O. Box 11279, Chicago, IL 60611-0279.

A: Most cat litter products should never be disposed of down a sink or toilet. Of all our products, only Cat’s Pride Premium Scoopable and Fresh & Light Flushable litters are safe to flush*. When using these products, we recommend that no more than two clumps be flushed at a time in non-septic systems.

*It has been determined through laboratory testing that Cat’s Pride Scoopable Premium and Fresh & Light Flushable cat litters are flushable through residential plumbing systems designed and maintained in accordance with plumbing codes. Disposal of these litter products through septic tank systems has not been evaluated and is not recommended. To ensure flushability, do not flush more than two clumps at a time and always remove clumps from litter box daily. Local regulations on flushing vary. Please review and comply with them.

A: We produce our cat litters from different plant locations throughout the US.  Because clay is a natural mineral, different regions in the country will produce different colored clays. Though the color may be different, the product has been tested and developed to perform the same.

A: We at Cat’s Pride have minimized our carbon pawprint by inventing lightweight litter. Trucks that bring cat litter from where it is made to your stores have a weight limit. As a result, the lighter the product, the more you can get on a single truck. So when you purchase Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care, it takes less trucks and less gas to transport litter that is up to 50% lighter. And at the scale that we deliver to cat owners around the country, the reduction in fuel emissions really adds up!

Your carbon pawprint refers to the reduction in carbon emissions which results from your purchase of Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care, the best performing lightweight litter. By purchasing Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care, which is up to 50% lighter, we are able to increase the number of packages delivered on a single truck and thus cut down on the number of trucks needed to deliver product to stores. Reducing the number of trucks on the road reduces the carbon emissions. Distributing lightweight litter is easier on the environment AND our customers!

Our litter is made from natural, superabsorbent clay. While it cannot be further biodegraded like leaves, yard waste, or some alternative litters, its absorption characteristics continue when it is disposed of, limiting harmful materials from entering water resources after disposal. For that reason, clays are actually used to line landfills. In contrast, alternative litters made from corn and wheat create methane gas in landfills when they decompose, and also provide no lasting absorption.

We caution against composting or disposing of any used litter (clay or alternatives) in a yard or garden because a bacteria often found in cat’s waste (toxoplasmosis) may be harmful to humans and other animals.