Cat’s Pride Scoopable Unscented

The purrrfect product

  • Absorbs odors and moisture
  • Flushable*
  • Firm, tight clumping
  • Low dust
  • Up to 50% more litter per pound**
  • All the performance, no added perfumes

Available sizes
Weight in lbs.

Jug 8lbs Available
Jug 9lbs Available
Jug 10lbs Available
Jug 12lbs Available
Jug 14lbs Available
Jug 15lbs Available
Jug 20lbs Available
Box 21lbs Available
Box 28lbs Available
Box 30lbs Available
Bag 10lbs Available
Bag 20lbs Available
Bag 30lbs Available
Pail 17.5lbs Available
Pail 22lbs Available

Cat’s Pride Scoopable Unscented is a flushable* clumping cat litter that instantly absorbs odors without any added perfumes.

Plus, it provides great value with up to 50% more litter per pound** than other leading brands. Easy to scoop and flush, easy on your budget and nose.

*Flushability has been tested using standard residential piping. For best results, scoop on a daily basis and flush no more than 2 clumps at a time. Septic tank system disposal was not tested and is not recommended.
Consult with relevant municipal authorities on flushing restrictions. For example, the State of California encourages putting cat feces in trash, and discourages flushing feces in toilets or disposal in drains.
**As compared to many scoopable clay litters, number of uses may vary based on individual litter changing habits.

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