3 Ways to Lend a Helping Paw

Cat Care October 31, 2017

Helping stray and abandoned cats get back on their paws and into their perfect forever home is one of the most rewarding ways to form a deeper connection to our favorite furry friends. Of course, kitties need love, snuggles, and attention—but at the very least food, water, and a warm place to rest. Here are three wonderful ways to warm up the lives of cats, particularly those in your local area, located just a few paw-prints away.


Volunteer Your Time or Talent

Volunteering at a local pet shelter is so immensely rewarding. You get to see firsthand the direct impact you’re making, witness cats being adopted to loving homes, and get more snuggles than you’ll know what to do with. But wait, there’s more! Consider using a skillset to help out, like your photography prowess, marketing wizardry, or whatever your talent may be.


Supplies are in Demand

Consider what pet shelters need to form the best environment for the cats in their care; toys, collars, nail clippers, kitty litter and food—you may even have some of the things they need lying around. You could get a box together and head over to your favorite shelter, or you could call and find out if they have specific donation needs at the time.


Home Is Where the Heartwarming Is

We always recommend adopting a pet rather than buying a kitten. #AdoptDontShop is one of the more popular shelter hashtags on social media, and you not only change a kitty’s life, you could well be saving it. But beyond adopting, you could also offer up your home for cat foster care. Offering up the space in your home leaves more room at the shelter, which means more room for more cats who are a kind gesture away from snuggles galore.