Cat Tales – To be continued…

Cat Fun, Cat Mews May 16, 2016

Since ancient Egypt, humans have revered cats. We love them for their discerning desires, like the premium litters from Cat’s Pride. Today, we continue to salute the furry feline friends whose lively exploits and independent spirits inspire us.

The cat that got away. For awhile.

This is the story of Snippers—a Tabby of abundant brain, with one heck of a sense of direction. Snippers was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest—Seattle, to be exact. The runt of a six kitty litter, he loved being near (but not in) the water. He loved his owner. And of course, he loved his Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care. Snippers would spend his mornings, afternoons and early evenings on the porch, doing one of only two things—looking out at the deep blue waters of Lake Washington, or sleeping. He yearned for the return of his beloved owner each night. For the hand-sliced tuna caught fresh off the coast. For the gentle stroke of a hand, and a warm lap upon which to rest as he and his owner binge-watched three episodes on Netflix.

It was by all accounts, the perfect life. That is until Snippers’ owner learned that both she, and Snippers would soon be relocated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You see, when you’re a Director of IT Development for a very, very, very large online retailer in the Pacific Northwest, sometimes you get sent packing. And sometimes you need to get it all there in two days.

Join us next time as we continue our story and share with you a prime example of how a love between cat and owner can overcome unimaginable obstacles.