Cats share their holiday struggles.

Cat Fun, Cat Mews December 14, 2016

From encounters with shiny decorations and bright colored packages, to their willingness to pose for an annual photo, our feline friends and their childlike curiosity brighten our holiday spirits and remind us to take pleasure in life’s simple joys.

Happy Holidays, from Cat’s Pride!


“I’m still waiting for my milk and cookies.”

Photo credit by  @pamdwyerwilliams


“When you’ve got nine lives, you get away with a greater appetite for risk.”

Photo credit by @ludwigthepolydactylcat


“You take care of me all year, so I’ll do it. But it doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

Photo credit by @kayla_eatsthings


“You look like an ornament. But do you taste like an ornament?”

Photo credit by @sirapollothegoldencat


“Go ahead and finish it off with a bowtie. I dare you.”

Photo credit by @willowcatisamazing


“Ho… ho… ho.”

Photo credit by @fat.dave


“Yes, moose do attack. Take one more photo, and I’ll show you.”

Photo credit by @iamyoursunshinee