How I Met My Mother: Cats loving their humans and furever homes

Cat Fun, Cat Mews June 12, 2017

There is no bigger moment in cats’ lives than the day they meet their human and find a forever home. Other than the day you bring home tuna. Or when they catch a mouse. We digress; the point is, these cats are ecstatic about their furever homes.

“When you adopted me, you said you’d keep me close to your heart. I guess you weren’t lion .”

Photo credit by @shabree95


“Thank you for bringing me into a furever home. I never knew I’d meet someone who loves naps as much as I do.”

Photo credit by @ladyjaiduh


“Just because my eyes are open doesn’t mean I’m not napping. Napping is a lifestyle. It’s a state of mind.”

Photo credit by @extreme_noiz_tara


“I know I look pretty from all angles, but this one has a European chicness to it. Very collar model. Very runway ready. Very celebrikitty.”

Photo credit by @beadsbybecs


“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” – white cat.

“We have the best owner ever?” – both cats at the same time.

Photo credit by @catnipguardians


Sudden realization kitty: “Wait a second. If I pretend to be a parrot, birds might trust me.”

Photo credit by @allyandallthecats


“Psstt. Mom. This is your conscious speaking. Round up all the mice, tuna, and catnip you can find. Further instructions to follow ⏳.”

Photo credit by @darioos


“As soon as we’re done cuddling up for this photo, I need to go back to reading ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’ I don’t think I’ve gotten to the good part yet.”

Photo credit by @jennamira