Kitty Costume Ideas

Cat Fun, Cat Mews October 10, 2017

Cats in costumes go with Halloween like pictures of cats in costumes go with the internet! And there’s something extra satisfying about making the costume yourself. Follow the guides or use them as inspiration — however you enjoy these kitty costume ideas, you’ll be a pounce closer to having the cutest door-answering partner in Halloween history.


Chef Cat

Chef Cat is a cultured connoisseur of all things tasty, a kitty kitchen extraordinaire who looks adorable to boot. And with all the tasty treats Halloween has in store for hoomans and fluffs alike, Chef Cat is the perfect costume. Bonus points if you give it a little personality, like writing, “Snuggle the Cook,” across the card stock! Source: HGTV


Shark Cat

This “Jaws with Paws” puts the fin in finishing touches this Halloween season! It’s incredibly easy to make, and delightfully ironic, given most kitties’ aversion to the water. Source: The Instructables


Bat Cat

Bat Cat Silly Goose Wayne is a cuddly cat by day…but at night, they become Bat Cat, seeker of justice no matter where those rodents, birds, or fish dare roam. Remember, if you shine the Bat Signal into the sky (a laser pointer at the wall), Bat Cat will answer the call! Source: DIY Network