A Safe Haven for Cats in Need

Cat Mews, Litter for Good, Shelter Stories December 2, 2020

Pet Haven Litter for Good Recipient

Founded in 1952, Pet Haven is the first foster-based animal shelter rescue organization in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Over the years as the organization has grown and flourished, they have built a team of dedicated individuals who are committed to improving the lives of pets by rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming dogs and cats. Pet Haven is unique in that every cat that comes into their care lives with a foster family until they find their forever homes.

Approximately 3.2 million cats enter shelters every year and this year many shelters have felt an even bigger impact due to COVID-19. As a result, Pet Haven’s cat intake nearly doubled from last year, with more than 500 lives saved so far. Many cats are still in the Pet Haven Foster Home Program, and as we know, more cats mean the need for more litter.

To ensure all their feline guests have everything they need to feel comfortable and at home, Pet Haven reached out to Cat’s Pride for help. Many resources and materials can be expensive and hard to come by, which is why Cat’s Pride Litter for Good program has been essential in assisting Pet Haven with their litter supply. Donated litter from the program has helped Pet Haven save money needed to provide extra care for the cats including food, lodging and medical supplies.

Currently, the Litter for Good program has helped Pet Haven receive more than 24,000 pounds of litter, which is roughly enough for a whole year. You can view the donation delivery to Pet Haven on their YouTube page here.

“Cat’s Pride has been strategic in saving more lives! If we would have had to purchase litter we could not have saved as many as we have,” said Kerry D’Amato, Executive Director of Pet Haven. “The generosity of Cat’s Pride is so incredibly appreciated. I truly cannot thank them enough.”

You too can help animal rescue shelters like Pet Haven save more cats each year by nominating a shelter for Litter for Good donations here.