“Bella, Tigger.” “Tigger, Bella.”

Cat Care, Cat Mews October 22, 2016

Carpet-covered climbing trees, electric mice and leather furniture can only partly fulfill your cat’s insatiable appetite for curiosity. At some point, you’re going to want to set up a play date with another feline friend. Doing so requires an extra dose of patience. Cats are especially protective of their “territory”, so it’s a good idea to choose a neutral site for your initial introduction such as a less-commonly-used room, and then introduce them through a door. And of course, if possible, both owners should be present and sharing a bottle of red wine.

Pass the smell test

Feed each cat their favorite treats, but on the opposite sides of the door so they get used to each others’ smells and realize there’s no cause for alarm. You can also rub the new cat’s face with a sock or a cloth, then do the same with the resident cat—back and forth, to mix up the scents.

The moment of truth

Continue to play with and offer treats to each cat as you slowly open the door and allow your new friends to make eye contact. Don’t get discouraged if they don’t immediately share a warm embrace. It’ll take time before they consider themselves best buds, especially if one of them isn’t really a cat person.