Cat’s Pride Donates Millions of Pounds of Litter in 2018

Cat Mews January 2, 2019

When we at Cat’s Pride began the Litter for Good program, we weren’t sure what to expect. The plan was simple: for every GREEN JUG of Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light litter bought, we donate a pound to animal welfare organizations across America. By providing this much-needed resource, animal welfare organizations can use the money saved towards efforts such as spay and neuter, adoption events and education programs. While we were excited to share this easy way to help make a difference, we’ve been amazed by the significant impact the Litter for Good program has been able to achieve in just one year.

Thanks to those who purchased THE GREEN JUG throughout 2018, Cat’s Pride has promised close to 5 million pounds of litter to 1,214 animal welfare organizations registered for the Litter for Good program. In total, Cat’s Pride Club members like you sent 17,060 nominations to those making a difference in your communities, stocking them with cat litter so they can focus more of their money on finding forever homes for cats in need.

For a closer look at how the Litter for Good program helps animal welfare organizations save more lives every day, check out these heartwarming and inspirational shelter stories!

How can you continue helping your favorite shelter? Start by sending them ANOTHER Litter for Good nomination! Every member of the Cat’s Pride Club gets one nomination per year, and the more nominations a shelter gets, the more donated litter they can receive. That’s why spreading the word about the program can be so impactful!

Take the Barn Cat Rescue of Madison County, TN for example. They received 846 nominations from their supporters, who were inspired by a local news story about how such an important part of their community needed their help. Meanwhile, over at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, supporters sent 341 nominations, resulting in 31,200 pounds of donated litter. And the more who know about the Litter for Good program in your community, the more help your favorite shelter can receive!

Whenever you’re shopping for cat litter, LOOK FOR THE GREEN JUG of Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light. Not only is it the best-performing lightweight litter, but every purchase helps animal welfare organizations, who find forever homes for millions of cats in shelters every year.