9 Ways to Help Your Cat Beat the Heat This Summer

Cat Care, Cat Mews June 6, 2017

Even if your cat stays indoors with the AC running, there are plenty of ways the heat can affect your cat. Here’s how to help cats during the dog days of summer.


Tip 1: Refresh water regularly and add ice. Drop a couple cubes in there to cool their bodies from the inside out.

Tip 2: Make bare floors available to them. Hardwood and tile floors are naturally cooler than carpeted surfaces. And we got an inside tip that cats like to lie down.

Tip 3: Place a fan on the floor or aim the AC downwards. Let your cat feel the wind in his hairs. All 2 million of them.

Tip 4: Brush them regularly. Thicker coats = hotter bodies. True for humans and cats alike.

Tip 5: Take them to the groomer. Take a little off the top. Many cats love a lion’s cut in the summer months. They get to look cool AND feel cool.

Tip 6: Keep playtime to morning or evening. Playing in the heat can be exhausting. We know from experience.

Tip 7: Draw the curtains. More shade = Less heat plus better sleeping.

Tip 8: Keep them out of the car. Never leave your cat in your car without you for any amount of time. Any necessary trips should be short, and bring some water.

Tip 9: Keep an extra eye on them. If you see your cat acting erratically, call or visit your vet.


Summertime is the best, but it can also be brutally hot. Make sure you give some extra love and care, because you know they’ve earned it.