What to have ready in your Cat First Aid Kit

Cat Care, Cat Mews April 4, 2017

Cats may have nine lives, but it’s up to us to help them hold on to all of them. Here’s what you should have on hand in case of a kitty emergency, and remember—always contact your vet prior to taking any first-aid precautions.



Keep a contact list at the ready with your veterinarian’s information and the poison control center phone number. Make sure to have a cat carrier readily available and a storage container with the First Aid Kit items listed below so you’re not searching for something in an emergency.



Have bandages and gauze handy in case your cat cuts itself or gets scratched. Also, keep in mind that cats don’t always know that you’re trying to help them, so have a muzzle on hand for your protection, a towel to cover their claws, and a cat harness handy so you can help them despite their “self-defense” reactions and thwart an escape attempt.


Medicine cabinet

3% hydrogen peroxide and a needleless syringe or eyedropper is necessary if your cat ever swallows non-caustic toxins. Be sure to contact Poison Control in the event of your kitty swallowing a potential poison prior to administering first aid. It’s also helpful to keep a thermometer, eyewash, and swabs on hand.


Always contact your vet first in case of an emergency. You can also take a class to learn pet first aid and CPR, because being equipped with pet-safety knowledge and your Cat First Aid Kit may help save one of their nine lives!