Kitty Translator

Kitty Translator

Cat Fun, Cat Mews December 1, 2017

Did you know that the seemingly random expressions our cats make on a regular basis often mean something? Whether they’re expressing comfort or discomfort, us humans can become kitty translators — by recognizing some common communications our furry friends love to express. Here’s why cats…


Growl at the TV.

Don’t mix up growling as only an angry gesture: it could be out of fear as well, and the same goes for hissing. When something pops up on the screen, it can startle your cat or make them uneasy. The surprise might cause them to growl or hiss, and they could even be trying to warn you. Learn more here:

Give Silent Meows.

The light grumbling produces a sound we can’t hear, but we can see them doing it…and we find it adorable. A theory suggests that cats purr silently for that very reason, to curry favor with humans and receive rewards such as affection or treats. And let’s be honest: it works. Here’s some more info:

Purr When They’re Being Groomed.

The arched back, the light purring of satisfaction. Cats do this to let us or other cats and kittens know that they recognize the close connection, an audible indication of their bond. It’s not so much that they’re being groomed, it’s that they’re being touched by someone they love and trust. Find out more:

Sit on Your Laptop.

As mammals, humans need to maintain a consistent internal body temperature of 98.6 °F. As mammals, cats need to do the same, only their ideal internal body temperature is 101.5 °F, which explains why they love the heat radiating off your laptop keyboard. Find out more about their body temp regulation here:

Sleep on Your Head.

Cat owners know what it’s like to wake up with the cat sleeping directly on your face, and there’s more than a couple reasons for this. Most of your body heat escapes from your head and your cat wants to be close but avoid your tossing and turning. An owner’s scent can also put them at ease. One thing is for sure, kitties love to head for the head. Here are some more possible reasons why: