Time to bathe Muffy?

Cat Care, Cat Mews February 22, 2016

Ok. If you’ve done nothing but follow us on Cat Matters since the very beginning, at this point your cats might be getting stinky, unless of course they’ve been using Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care this whole time. But for those of you who still haven’t made the switch, or who just enjoy looking at and cuddling with a handsome cat, these tips will help you comb the beautiful back into that fur and escape with nary a scratch.

Start with the right tools

Choose a metal comb for both short- and long-haired cats, as brushes can be ineffective and may damage kitty’s skin. A natural brush may be used after combing, but for long-haired breeds, stick with just the comb.

Seek professional help

Or go it alone For heavy-shedders, a trip to the groomers can be just the tonic you need. And if you have the means, bi-monthy trips may be all the grooming kitty requires. But you’re fully capable of meeting your cat’s needs, most of the time, and the process is proven to strengthen your bond.

Desensitizing your groom-shy kitty

Got a cat who is as interested in a comb as he is in a canoe? Leave it near the food bowl so he sees it every day, and hold the comb during regular play. After a week or so, ease into combing with a few gentle strokes, and progress from there as kitty permits.