You Helped Keep a Shelter Stocked with Litter for 6 Months!

Cat Mews March 1, 2019

HELP Humane Society in Belton, Missouri, is an amazing organization that gives hundreds of cats (many with special needs) a warm, comfortable, and healthy home. These cats live their best lives while they await adoption, but if a forever home isn’t found, HELP Humane becomes their home, ensuring that every cat under their roof lives a long and happy life.

When HELP Humane first started in 1996, they were a foster care network. By 2007, they grew to open their own building. Today, HELP houses more than a hundred cats while relying on donations and volunteers. However, doing this incredible, life-saving work is expensive. Food costs them about $1,000 per month, electricity can reach up to $1,000 per month, and veterinarian bills are often as high as $10,000 per month. Now just imagine all the litter they need!

As an animal welfare organization participating in the Litter for Good program, HELP Humane was sent enough nominations to receive 9,600 pounds of donated litter—a six-month supply! Thanks to the generosity of their animal-loving community and everyone who picked up a GREEN JUG of Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light, HELP Humane can focus their finances on everything else they need to perform their wonderful work. Amazing!

Have you sent a Litter for Good nomination this year?

Every member of the Cat’s Pride Club can nominate their favorite animal welfare organization one time per year. All nominations make a huge difference too, because each one helps your organization receive even more donated litter. So login or join now, nominate your favorite animal welfare organization, and spread the word to friends and family—each nomination can make a difference in a cat’s life!