Max Power: UltraClean Scented

Specially Designed with Scented Unique Low Tracking Granules to Keep Paws and Home Clean

Cat’s Pride UltraClean Scented Low Tracking Litter is specially designed with unique low-tracking granules to help keep your kitty’s paws litter-free and your home nice and clean! Cat’s Pride’s Max Power dual-clay formula works immediately to trap and get rid of odor for 10 days. And since it’s 99% dust free, you and your kitty can breathe easy! This litter forms strong clumps for easy, no-mess cleanup. Plus it’s 25% lighter than traditional scoopable litter making it easy to carry and pour.

  • Keep Paws and Home Clean!
  • Locks Odor in Seconds
  • Strong Clumps
  • 99% Dust Free
  • 25% Lighter+
  • Litter for Good Shelter Donation
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Keeps Paws & Home Clean

Keep floors and paws UltraClean with this 99% dust-free, low tracking formula.

Locks Odors In Seconds

Patented Max Power formula works immediately to trap and eliminate odors for 10 days*.

Strong Clumps

Tight, hard, no-mess clumps are easy to scoop and dispose.

25% Lighter

Easier to pour and store than traditional clumping litter.

*Based on laboratory testing
†As compared to other traditional scoopable clay litters

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