Fearlessly Saving Cats in Need

Cat Mews, Shelter Stories September 22, 2020

Fearless Kitty Rescue: Litter for Good Recipient

In 2012, two women were spending much of their free time volunteering for different animal rescue shelters in the Fountain Hills, Arizona area. In August of that year, they met while volunteering to care for kittens at a Petco, and after getting to know each other well, both women decided it was time to pool their knowledge and talents together to create a no-kill cat organization. Without any time to waste, their free-roaming adoption center, Fearless Kitty Rescue, was opened in September 2012.

Today, Fearless Kitty Rescue is a highly regarded non-profit, no-kill rescue committed to finding homes for homeless and abandoned cats of all ages. The organization has grown to include five employees and 140 volunteers. Right now, their 5,200 sq. ft. facility houses between 65-86 cats at one time and about 22 cats are adopted each month. When their cats and kittens are not at “Kittyville” in their facility, they work with foster families to provide them a loving home for a period of time.

Many resources and materials can be expensive and hard to come by, which is why the Cat’s Pride Litter for Good program has been essential to helping Fearless Kitty Rescue with their litter supply. Donated litter from the program has helped Fearless Kitty Rescue save money needed to provide extra care for the cats including food, lodging, medical supplies, and vet technicians.

Currently, the Litter for Good program has helped them receive over 26,000 pounds of litter.

“We have actively told people to buy Cat’s Pride,” said Kim Kamins, Founder of Fearless Kitty Rescue. “Without the donations and our supporters, we wouldn’t be where we are. Our jaws dropped when we heard how much litter we are eligible to receive.”

Fearless Kitty Rescue was founded on the belief that every cat and kitten should have a chance at a happy, healthy, and FEARLESS life.

You too can help animal rescue shelters like Fearless Kitty Rescue save more cats each year by nominating a shelter for Litter for Good donations here.